Service – East Cheshire Hospice @Home

Contact Telephone Number

01624 664999

Service Summary

East Cheshire Hospice @Home is a collaborative service and assists in providing emotional and practical nursing support in the last days of life, as a priority, and where prognosis is anticipated to be a few weeks.

A high level of communication is required between all health care professionals involved in the patient’s care, and H@H assists in facilitating the following:
• To increase the number of patients that wish to be looked after in their preferred place of care and to facilitate and increase the number of patients that die at home if that is their choice.
• To reduce inappropriate admissions and enable patients to be discharged from hospital or hospice where appropriate particularly in the last few weeks of life.
• To provide an equitable service to all who require it across East Cheshire.
• To act as a source of specialist advice and support to generalist staff.
• To increase numbers of patients with a palliative diagnosis other than cancer being cared for at home, eg. Heart Failure, Respiratory Failure, Neurological Disorders, Dementia, Frailty and Elderly.
• To decrease the number of patients that die in hospital
• Meeting the standards set for End of Life Care

The aim of the collaborative service is:
1) For the service to be available to all on the basis of need not diagnosis.
2) To provide practical care and emotional support in the last 6-8 weeks of life, with the priority given to those in the terminal stage (the last days of life), to the general practice registered population of East Cheshire.
3) For the service providers to work in collaboration with each other as well as existing NHS services (District Nurses, Intermediate Care, Marie Curie, Macmillan, and Continuing Health Care).
4) For the service to provide an equitable service to all patients with need, including hands on practical and social support, rapid and planned response with specialist assessment during the out of hours period.
5) For the service to be complementary to the district nursing service and for it to work in partnership to provide seamless care.
6) For the service to support the delivery of the Care Plan for End of Life, with the overall aim being to enable patients at end of life to achieve their preferred place of care and death in the context of dignity and comfort.

How to Refer?

Via Telephone 01625 664999 and speak to a co-ordinator

Referral forms for the H@H service can be found on the East Cheshire Hospice website which can be emailed to the shared NHS email address or sent by fax to 01625 665697.