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If you work in palliative and end of life care within Cheshire, EPAIGE (Electronic Proactive Assessment and Information Guide for End-of-Life Care) is your go-to place for relevant information and resources. EPAIGE has been designed to support palliative and end of life care professionals working in any care setting. It serves as a “library”, leading you to wide range of key resources, including:

  • Best Practice Documentation
  • National and Local Guidelines
  • Assessment Tools
  • Useful Contacts

Our updated EPAIGE resource brings a multitude of advantages:

Stay Informed: Easily access quality and up-to-date information and guidelines tailored for professionals across the Cheshire area.

Enhance Expertise: Elevate your knowledge, skills, and confidence in palliative and end of life care topics, ultimately improving the care you provide.

Convenient Accessibility: Enjoy 24/7 access from anywhere – whether you’re at work or in the comfort of your home.

Collaborative Sharing: Foster connections among organisations throughout Cheshire by sharing valuable documents and resources

If you or your team would like to contribute to the content of this site please contact epaige@eolp.org.uk. Requests for new content will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright. Should any user spot a potential copyright issues please advise epaige@eolp.org.uk.

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