The Cheshire EPAIGE was originally developed in 2012 to support the local Health, Social and Voluntary Care Workforce in their delivery of Palliative and End of Life Care. The site is led and administrated by The End of Life Partnership on behalf of Cheshire Partners.

During 2018-2019 the site is being updated and redesigned in response to local needs and feedback and will include a more comprehensive guide to local Palliative and End of Life Care Services, and a Patients, Carers and Communities’ section.

If you or your team would like to contribute to the content of this site please contact epaige@eolp.org.uk. All requests for new content will be reviewed and considered by a scrutiny panel on a quarterly basis.

What is EPAIGE?

An innovative online resource to signpost those working in health, social and & voluntary care to resources for end of life care such as:

  • Local Contacts for Palliative and End of Life Care Services
  • Information to Guide and Support Care During the Last Year of Life
  • Bereavement Resources and Information
  • Guidelines and Publications
  • Educational Resources and Links to Local Training
  • Leaflets, Posters and Videos

The layout and design of EPAIGE centres on the North West End of Life Model with links to quality information that has been developed nationally, regionally and locally. This essential knowledgebase is continually updated according to local and national developments, providing practitioners with the confidence that they are operating from a current evidence base.

Features of EPAIGE

Supporting Education and Training of the workforce:

  • Enhancing classroom teaching
  • Supporting case study approaches to learning
  • Mentoring tool for students
  • Access to E-learning
  • Links to local training events and courses
  • Availability of educational resources

Patient Pathway Focused

  • Content of the site is built around the Patient Journey and into bereavement care of the family/significant others:
    • Advancing Illness
    • Increasing Decline
    • Last Days of Life
    • First Days After Death
    • Bereavement
  • Resources and information is aligned to patient pathways to maximise benefits to practice


  • Accessible to everyone working within Cheshire & beyond
  • User friendly Via PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  • ‘One Stop Shop’ for locally supported information, guidelines and resources
  • Allows staff to share documents and information with other EPAIGE users
  • Quick and easy “search” facility


  • Supporting local communications around significant changes or developments in local Palliative & End of Life Care
  • Providing a means of collaboratively navigating others to essential resources and information across organisational and professional boundaries
  • Keeping the workforce up to date with the latest news, publications and research in Palliative & End of Life care

EPAIGE is intended as a ‘signposting’ tool and therefore the content of this online resource is largely made up of existing resources that are freely available on the internet, or where they are notfreely available, they are used with the owner’s permission and appropriately referenced.

Every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright but should any user spot a potential copyright issues please inform epaige@eolp.org.uk at your earliest convenience. Thank you.