A Cheshire task group have developed a number of key resources to help local clinicians to champion use of the last days of life template which to date has had poor uptake in some areas of Cheshire. Currently this template is for use by Community Nurses, GP’s and Hospices in South Cheshire, East Cheshire and Vale Royal ONLY.

  1. PowerPoint Slide-deck (to help you to support colleagues in understanding how to use the template and when to use it)
  2. Video of PowerPoint with voice over – Last Days of Life Template – YouTube
  3. XML EMIS GP Template file (this can be imported into the EMIS library by GP Practices for use. NB: the community nursing version has been centrally imported by CCICP and ECNHST and the Hospice @ Home version is in use at East Cheshire Hospice please email annamarie.ratcliffe@eolp.org.uk to obtain this)
  4. Communications Plan 2020-21 detailing the key groups of clinicians that we are asking to champion the template and the 6 key messages that we would like you to share with your colleagues
  5. Screen shots of the GP template and Summary view  click here to view

We would also like to offer to help you in your role to develop a greater understanding of the reason the template was developed and the benefits that this has in practice. Please do email The End of Life Partnership or Tel: 01270 310260  if you would like to request additional support with using the Last Days of Life template.