Please note: On Monday 4th March the revised Unified Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (uDNACPR) Adult Policy will be going LIVE in ECT community setting and ECT acute setting. Going forward, please commence use of the revised Lilac Form, and Patient Information Leaflet, as soon as realistically possible.

For your information: Please see the questions/answers below – which I sincerely hope may answer any queries you may have.

Which documents have been revised?

• The uDNACPR Adult Policy see here
• The uDNACPR Order (also known as ‘Lilac’ Form)  see here
• The supporting Patient Information Leaflet, i.e. re DNACPR decisions  see here

How do I get access to the policy and supporting documents?

• The uDNACPR Adult Policy, the template Lilac Form and the Patient Information Leaflet are all on Cheshire EPAIGE
• The revised policy will be uploaded to ECT Infonet on Monday 4th March and will be located in the ‘R’ section, i.e. under ‘Resuscitation’

What are the changes to the uDNACPR Adult Policy / revised Lilac Form / Patient Information Leaflet?

• Comprehensive review to content of the uDNACPR Adult Policy – please therefore read this policy
• Minimal changes to the Lilac Form. However, section 4 of the Lilac Form now specifies where the nurse responsible for the patient’s care should record their details on the form (i.e. at the time the decision is made). Please note, this aspect will not be applicable if the form is completed at e.g. the GP Practice or the patient’s home
• The Patient Information Leaflet has been produced to the ECT standard format for such leaflets. Please ensure you offer the patient and/or their relevant other a leaflet at the time of making a DNACPR decision

For those patients with a uDNACPR decision already in place (i.e. with an existing Lilac Form) do I need to transfer documentation to a revised form?

• No. However, where feasible, please check the existing form to ensure that it has been endorsed by a senior doctor (i.e. Consultant or Associate Specialist or GP)


For further information please contact either:

Jackie Cornes – Resuscitation Officer ECNHST

Annamarie Ratcliffe- End of Life Partnership