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Advance Care Planning Learning Resource for GP’s in Cheshire is published
GP Newsletter: ADVANCE CARE PLANNING In Palliative & End of Life Care by eolp - issuu...
EMIS Last Days of Life Template is Relaunched with Supporting Resources
A Cheshire task group have developed a number of key resources to help local clinicians to...
EARLY Identification of Patients Approaching End of Life : GP Interactive Resource
Welcome to the first in a series of interactive newsletters from East Cheshire Hospice and the End...
Community Blue Booklet Audit 2020- Headlines for GP’s and Community Nurses
An Audit of the ‘Blue Booklet’ The ‘Blue Booklet’ is used in East and South Cheshire and Vale...
Cheshire Clinicians Produce COVID-19 Video Resources
EoLP have been working with Clinicians across Cheshire to develop a series of video resources to...

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The Cheshire EPAIGE was originally developed in 2012 to support the local Health, Social and Voluntary Care Workforce in their delivery of Palliative and End of Life Care. The site is led and administrated by The End of Life Partnership on behalf of Cheshire Partners.

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