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Electronic Prognostic Assessment & Information Guide for End of life care
 About the EPAIGE
Site lead Annamarie Challinor Head of Service Development (Macmillan) for The End of Life Partnership
The ePaige briefing paper gives the rationale and vision of the project, details key contributors and outlines the background and governance to the pilot project. The ePAIGE was initially launched as a pilot across Central & Eastern Cheshire in July 2012. Formal launch in now underway across all Health, Social and Voluntary Care settings.
The concept of bringing the Gold Standards Framework  'The Suprise Question' within an elect​ronic system for the acute care setting was first developed locally at Mid Cheshire Hospital Foundation Trust in their development of the e-PIG (Prognostic Indicator Guide). Since then there have been different examples nationwide of electronic systems that have been created to support the delivery of end of life care in the acute hospital setting.
During late 2010 East Cheshire Trust consulted with clinicians from across different care settings to set out a vision for a local electronic system that would be available to all different care settings within the locality and would provide a 'common language' for end of life care delivery. Clinicans told us they wanted a 'one stop shop' for information, resources, pathways and training in end of life care and this then became the platform on which the e-paige was developed.
The End of Life Partnership Service dDvelopment Team have led the project since 2011 in collaboration with Cheshire ICT. Work is now underway to replace the Mid Cheshire Hospital Prognostic Indicator Tool (PIG) with the EPAIGE so that best practice can be shared across all the locality. There is now a quick launch link to all information that is unique to Mid Cheshire Hospital on the EPAIGE homepage. The Service Development Team are working alongside the Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Team at Leighton to develop and to build upon the content of their site.
The e-paige is intended as a 'signposting' tool and therefore the content of this online resource is largely made up of exisiting resources that are freely available on the internet, or where they are not freely available, they are used with the owners permission and appropriately referenced. Every effort has been made to avoid any breach of copyright but should any user spot a potential copyright issues please inform the site lead at your earliest convenience. Thank you.