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2013 guide48 Dying well at home case for integrated working.pdf
26/06/2013 23:28Annamar
A Good Death- The Role of Local Authorities.pdf
12/04/2013 22:44Annamar
Ambitions-for-Palliative-and-End-of-Life-Care 2015.pdf
04/12/2015 10:29Annamar
Care after death guidelines Hospice UK.pdf
30/04/2015 19:04Annamar
Care homes end of life care progress report.pdf
22/07/2014 14:13Annamar
Common core principles and competences in EOL.pdf
31/08/2012 18:58Annamar
Dementia and Primary Care.pdf
23/02/2015 02:13Annamar
Dying well at home case for integrated working.pdf
22/10/2013 19:37Annamar
Dying without Dignity 2015 Ombudsman Report.pdf
22/05/2015 14:26Annamar
End of Life Care Patient Charter.pdf
23/10/2013 00:20Annamar
End of Life Guide MND.pdf
02/06/2014 14:29Annamar
End of Life Strategy 2008.pdf
29/09/2014 09:43Annamar
EPaCCS Economic Evaluation.pdf
26/06/2013 23:32Annamar
EPaCCS making the case for change.pdf
22/04/2013 18:07Annamar
Equity in the Provision of Palliative Care in the UK-Review of Evidence  April 2015.pdf
13/04/2015 09:18Annamar
Every Moment Counts- Patient Narratives 2015.pdf
04/03/2015 13:28Annamar
Exploring the cost of end of life care 2014.pdf
03/10/2014 08:28Annamar
Extra Care Housing End of Life Resource Pack.pdf
23/10/2013 01:36Annamar
16/01/2017 15:36SPALLEP\carl.taylor
GMC Guidance Treatment and Care Towards the End of Life.pdf
25/07/2013 12:53Annamar
LGBT Support Leaflet.pdf
23/04/2013 00:20Annamar
Macmillan rich picture on EOL.pdf
31/08/2012 19:01Annamar
Macmillan- Time To Choose.pdf
08/12/2013 22:25Annamar
Marie Curie Getting Serious Supporting People out of Hospital at the End of Life.pdf
28/10/2015 14:24Annamar
Marie Curie understanding the cost of EOL care.pdf
31/08/2012 19:03Annamar
Mental Capacity Act 2005.pdf
31/08/2012 19:30Annamar
National Confidential Enquiry- caring to the end.pdf
22/10/2013 23:16Annamar
National Intelligence Network and End of Life Care.pdf
23/10/2013 00:18Annamar
National Intelligence Network- Cheshire profile for EOL.pdf
31/08/2012 19:07Annamar
National Intelligence Network -what we know now.pdf
31/08/2012 19:06Annamar
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